Mostly because it matches the colour scheme.


We’re glad you’re here. Really. We mean it. I hate it when we fail to sound sincere, but it’s true!

You’ve found the website for a bunch of farts that like to game. I’d say “old farts” but not all of us are old, although most of us are working on it. We are friends first and casual gamers second.

We host our own servers, as much as possible. Hosting our own servers allows us to choose what games we play, muck around with customizations and mods, and keep the atmosphere healthy.

So if you’d like to be a part of that, please register, then come join the conversation on the forums. We need ideas, and most of all, we need some friendly, relaxed people that are interested in doing some gaming.

So far we play mostly Half-Life and Source mods, but we are open to just about anything. The first priority is to keep it relaxed, casual and fun. Stress relief and laughter are what we are all about.