About Us

We are a casual online gaming community. Some of us have been doing this for a very long time, but the “Crazy Canucks” were born in the early 2000’s. We mostly played Half-Life mods such as Day of Defeat and Day of Defeat, and still more Day of Defeat.

In 2008 we took an official break—although gamers never stop gaming. Now we have started up again, and because we are older and wiser, and the name “Crazy Canucks” was already taken, after a short discussion, we have changed our name to “Casually Crackers”.

It’s a little hard to believe looking back on it, but at one point we were hosting game servers two nights a week and had set up and at least tested more than sixteen different Half-Life and Source mods. The goal this time around is to be a bit more relaxed about it.

Now we try to host game nights one night every two weeks. So far we are still hosting only Half-Life and Source mods, but we are open to just about anything.