Rules of Engagement

At this time, after some hard experience, we only have a few rules, the first is:


There are lots of places to get your political fix, and start an e-fistfight, this isn’t one of them.

The rest of the rules are the typical family friendly, “let’s play nice rules”:

  • No hate.
  • No threats.
  • Be respectful.
  • No porn.
  • Try to keep the language family friendly.
  • No advertising.

There are a few exceptions to the “no advertising” rule. You are encouraged to solicit for friends to game with in the “The Yard Sale” forum. You are also free to plug products in the forums that are related to computers and gaming. These can either be products that you find are truly exceptional, or they can be projects that you are actively contributing to.

We are all adults now, but the goal has always been to keep Casually Crackers a safe place for children, and for adults who may have children in the room when they are hanging out with us. The online universe can be a hazardous place for children. If you are looking for more information on this topic, the following link is a good place to start.

Internet Safety for Kids